It’s no secret that New York City prides itself on its incredible restaurants and ability to rely on organic, locally grown food. And thanks to Upstate New York’s watersheds that supply New York City with clean, fresh water each day, the city is home to some of the best bagels, pizza and coffee known to mankind.

Yesterday, two of New York’s well-known restaurant owners and chefs, Mario Batali and Bill Telepan, voiced their concern over the threat that fracking poses to New York’s agriculture and restaurant industries in a New York Daily News op-ed called “Fracking vs. Food: N.Y.’s Choice.” They raise some excellent and frightening points. If our water supply becomes contaminated with the dangerous chemicals used in the fracking process to extract natural gas, our livestock, crops and therefore health will be at risk. Here’s what Mario and Bill have to say:

“. . . in Pennsylvania in 2010, 16 cows died after apparently drinking water that was contaminated with fracking chemicals. The gas company involved refused to disclose further information about the chemicals . . .”

Yikes! Imagine taking a bite out of a hamburger from one of those cows! No, thanks. The celebrity chefs go on to say:

“Whether we are cooking at home for our families or dining at restaurants, we all have a deep interest in the quality of what is on the table and in the health of the people producing and enjoying it.

Well said, Mario and Bill. You can read the rest of this chilling piece here and decide for yourself. Will it be fracking or food, New York?