The New York Times got our attention last week when it editorialized in favor of the supposed benefits of exporting natural gas fracked from the ground beneath communities across the United States. Checkout the letter to the editor our co-founder Yoko Ono wrote in response, published in today’s paper:

In “Sending Natural Gas Abroad” (editorial, Dec. 16), you write that environmental concerns about fracking for gas should be addressed by tighter regulation, not by restricting exports. But the evidence shows that there is no amount of regulation that can make fracking safe.

Industry documents show that 6 percent of the wells leak immediately and that 60 percent leak over time, poisoning drinking water and putting the powerful greenhouse gas methane into our atmosphere.

Read Yoko’s full letter to the editor here. Then, take a second to get on the public record by standing up against fracking here in New York State.