The deadline for New York Gov. Cuomo’s decision on fracking is quickly approaching. The Governor wouldn’t meet with us about fracking, so we’re putting our message on TV in the hope we can reach him that way. Starting Feb. 8, a 30-second TV ad will air in New York City, Westchester and Albany, featuring Artists Against Fracking co-founder Yoko Ono directly addressing the Governor.
“Gov. Cuomo, since you haven’t met with me about the dangers of fracking, I will show you … Keep fracking out of New York. P.S. Nice to meet you, Governor,” Ono says in the ad.

The ad will air from Friday through next week on channels like CNN, NY1 and NBC, but in case you miss it, you can watch it right here!

Gov. Cuomo could make his decision on whether or not to allow fracking for natural gas in New York as early as Feb. 13, and he must make his decision by Feb. 27. Let us know what you think about Yoko’s new ad, and be sure to share it with your friends and fellow activists!

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