Did you hear? Governor Cuomo has delayed a decision on fracking New York until February, 2013. It is good that he is studying the issue more.


We’re hitting the streets with a poster campaign (HT @MarcDSchiller) across New York City. If you see a poster, Tweet it at the Governor (@NYGovCuomo). If you want to start your own poster campaign you can download one right here: http://bit.ly/AAFposter

We are pleased that the health impact assessment has been delayed to make time for a more serious study. We are also glad to see Governor Cuomo talking clearly about climate change in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Fracking does not help climate change, as the powerful greenhouse gas methane leaks from cracks in the wells and other gas infrastructure. We need to move to clean, non-carbon energy!

Imagine Clean Energy. #DontFrackNY.