As the pressure mounted from groups across the state, Governor Cuomo delayed any decision on fracking New York until late February, 2013. We applaud the myriad local activist groups, outspoken organizations and our own members for continuing to pressure the administration.

We are pleased that the health impact assessment has been delayed to make time for a more serious study to be completed. However, we want to remind the Governor of his pledge during Superstorm Sandy recovery to “get serious once and for all” about climate change and our energy infrastructure.    Fracking does not help climate change, as the powerful greenhouse gas methane leaks from the wells and other gas infrastructure. We need to move to non-carbon energy!

Fracturing bedrock for gas is an inherently dirty and unsafe technology. Cement and pipes at these great depths are simply not reliable, as the industry’s own documents show. The pressures of the deep earth and the differences in temperature along the cement expand and contract it to the breaking point, some right away, more over time. Water laden with toxic chemicals leaks into aquifers and wells. Powerful methane leaks into the airand changes our climate. Pastoral rural areas are turned into brownfields.

New York can create far more jobs, and create and save far more energy than fracking will ever produce by insulating all buildings, replacing all windows, and greatly expanding clean, renewable energy. Let’s make New York the clean energy state.

Imagine Clean Energy. Don’t Frack New York.