Have You Seen Our New York Times Ad?

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon placed a full-page ad in the Dec. 10 New York Times, calling on Governor Cuomo to “Imagine There’s No Fracking… and give clean energy a chance.” The ad illustrates and describes how cement in wells at such great depths leaks, poisoning drinking water with gases and toxic chemicals.

“No amount of regulation can ever make fracking safe,” the ad reads. “No one can be sent thousands of feet under the earth to make repairs once the cement fails – and it will. The enormous pressure and temperature changes at those depths guarantee it.”

The ad continues, “Fracked gas is not climate friendly. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that leaks from the failed wells, fractured rock and pipelines…. New York can become the Clean Energy Empire State. With an economy bolstered by insulating all buildings. This way we could save far more energy and create FAR more jobs than fracking, plus save consumers money forever. And let’s scale up solar and wind power with a smart grid for truly clean, economical energy.”

  • http://Greentopia.org Stele Ely

    The Fracking Gasholes song /stele ely c12

    5 million gallons injected per well
    aquifers wasted, tastes like hell
    for all the life that loves to live
    demand a law, kill the drill
    fracking gasholes
    we know you know
    a million reasons
    fah fah freako

    80 tons of co2 per well
    ice caps melting, climate hell
    for all the kids that love to live
    shout, march, or souls we sell
    fracking gasholes
    we know you know
    for hundreds of years
    they really blow (brutal/ sucky)

    2 thousand big truck trips per well
    dusty growling beasts of hell
    for all the critters that love to live
    block the roads, or bid farewell
    friggen frackholes
    everyone knows
    for a thousand species
    sii sii sicko (yu yu yucko vicious)

    14 tons of poisons per well
    toxic soil and air, smells like hell
    for all the life that loves to live
    conserve, reduce, to save ourselves
    fracking gasholes
    we know you know
    for a million reasons
    we must say no no no
    no no no no no

  • tu_ne_cede_malis
  • http://carljohnveraja.wordpress.com/ Carl-John X Veraja

    We need artists to help in SOUTHWEST FLORIDA. Big Time. We need star power. We need whatever we can get. The frackers are all over us. There is an upcoming EPA hearing, but we need all the pressure we can bear. The population is mostly vacationers, or just under informed or clueless. The media is not getting the messages across.
    Ideas are also welcome.