• Ma Andre

    All the best for the action against fracking! There are so many fracking companies who are making their way to it here and there around the world, shouldn’t we unite our efforts?
    Just to let you know I’m writing from the border between France and Switzerland

  • Pa Dad

    This is the most absurd information I have ever read! “Drills are known to leak and sometimes even explode”. The drill is nothing but a piece of metal that rotates. It is like saying that a standard drill bit you used to drill into wood could potentially leak or explode.

    Trying to scare people, saying that the chemicals are carcinogens… what isn’t these days? Did you know the following products contain carcinogens – Dove Soap (formaldehyde), Crest Toothpaste (saccharin and phenol fluoride), Tide detergent (trisodium nitrilotriacetate). These are added into the water supply at huge rates, yet they try to say there is a possibility (though it has never happened), that frac fluids can enter the aquifers, even though they are protected by several layers of steel and concrete.

    Waste water is recycled. Thus while the figure of how much water used is probably correct, only a fraction of it is fresh water.

    As for Air pollution, yes, there is some from all the trucking required, however burning gas is much cleaner than any other fossil fuel, and as such, the net impact is a REDUCTION in air pollution..

    Oh BTW,,,,frac fluids are fully disclosed by most. check out fracfocus.

  • Irwin Wade

    Fracking was used as early as the late 1940′s, so it is quite unfair to say this is a “new method.” (p. 239 “Rock Mechanics: Petroleum Applications” Philippe A. Charlez)

    • Paul Martin

      Houghton Field 1947

  • http://twitter.com/56blitz Tom Lavin
  • Fridon Vekua

    SOS!!! HELP!!!


    On January 21th Ukrainian government made a treaty with Royal Dutch
    Shell (shale gas extracting company). Both sides keep it in secret, but
    Ukrainian language version leaked to Internet. So world community doesn’t know its enormous details. The contract breaks human rights and Ukrainian
    constitution. Almost 8000 square kilometers of densely populated area (in
    Donetsk and Kharkiv regions) with forest
    reserves, huge national park “Holy Mountains”, water resources, biggest river
    Severskiy Donets (source of clean water for millions of people) will be successively completely destroyed due
    to destructive fracking technology.
    With the contract terms Shell can import
    and export anything without declaration, taxes, custom fees, licenses etc.
    They can invade to private ownership
    if this will be needed for their activity. Our central media channels keep silent about the problem because
    they all belong to criminal power. Most deputies and bureaucrats are corrupted or intimidated and support this situation. They wholesale
    try to block all informational channels
    including newspapers, TV, radio, even usual paper ads on the walls! Any
    popularization on this topic is strongly
    prohibited in colleges, universities and schools. Yes, of course there’s
    information on central TV. But it contains mainly the false and hypocritical pretext of corrupted “scientists”
    and Shell delegates. Therefore most
    people knows nothing or are kept under delusion! Understanding people,
    activists, volunteers try tirelessly to make it clear to others. Use all legal
    ways to do something. We gather hundreds and thousands of people at the rallies
    against criminal agreement and shale gas
    extraction in whole region, but government doesn’t want to hear us! Our effort is not enough! On March 20th Ukrainian parliament most likely will
    approve that contract. This will become a death
    sentence for about 7 million people
    living in this area. Destroyed forests,
    poisoned water and air… We believe there are still not indifferent people
    in our commercialized world. We need International help!!!



    Fridon Vekua

    t. +380503477941

    Skupe vekua-5551

  • http://www.facebook.com/bwollard1 Bill Wollard

    Pure hearts and empty heads. Go to Fort Worth, Texas. There have literally been thousnads of well drilled in the city and surrounding counties. You don’t have people falling over dead from fracking, or a rise in the cancer rates. This area has had fracking for decades.

  • The Hunger Artist

    Dear hip and trendy eco-douchebags, the article above is a shining example of junk science. Don’t believe what washed-up losers in the entertainment industry tell you about science…they are not a credible source of information and in most cases are actually really stupid which makes it especially bad when they fool you into believing their imaginary facts (lies). But if you want to send them money that’s probably a good idea because you were just going to blow it on drugs or skinny jeans.

  • jimmywampum

    So where do these “artists”want the oil that is used in the jets they
    fly all over the world to come from? Please tell us what ‘good crude
    oil’ is. If any of these artists buy just about anything, it comes to
    them via large amounts of diesel fuel. Maybe they can come up with a
    list of ‘good crude oil’ for us less enlightened beings on this planet.

  • Frank Chernega

    These artists should stop “cracking”.

  • Jon Takaki

    Fracking doesn’t just pollute the water table. It releases millions of years of pressure accumulated deep below the bed rock, often resulting in irreversible damages to neighboring towns and cities above. This has been documented in Indonesia and the Philippines where entire towns have been abandoned because they started sinking. Get informed folks before taking sides and reading all the disinformation found in the comment section.

    Good examples of disinformation is Pa Dad’s comment below who objects to the fact fracking creates leaks. Leaks don’t actually form in the metal pipes though they could. They form when cracks in the bed rocks are formed via the process of fracking. Those cracks are under enormous hydraulic and gas pressure and get bigger until they eventually reach the surface and become out of control.

    Now one might say it’s better to bother the rich in NY than drop bombs on innocent women and children in the middle East… The sad thing is, one won’t stop the other, so greed and waste might as well be stopped where we can, starting with our own. Sean and Yoko might want to reconsider flying private jets before singing ridiculous songs.

    • FrackDaddy

      Jon you need to check you facts, I live in Susquehanna PA and drink water from my tap every day. You say fracking will cause holes to open up and swallow us all….? You are just a nother myth spewing D-bag trying scare tactics to push your agenda. Any one who would like to make an edu decision on the issue check the FACTS, from places like the EPA not Yoko. She already killed the beatles don’t let her get Upstate NY shot too!

    • Paul Martin

      haha Jon you must be a geophysicist with a background knowledge like that lol.

      “Those cracks are under enormous hydraulic and gas pressure and get bigger until they eventually reach the surface and become out of control.”

      that’s gold, Jon you can learn a bit about geology and bed rock formations from a quick google search. after which if you choose to come back and retract your statement I wouldn’t blame you

  • Regulatory Girl

    This is completely false….I am an Environmental and Regulatory Specialist and I work in regulatory for oil and gas companies in the state of Texas, where a majority of the nation’s oil is produced. There are laws put in place to protect the environment.
    1. Aquifers- drills are pieces of metal, and there is technology called surface casing (cement) that is put in place to protect the ground water and the usable drinking water! Its used in EVERY drilling operation, its the law!
    2. Chemicals-the chemicals that are used in fracking are nowhere near groundwater or anything that could be contaminated. They are not going into the water supply. When you Frac, you are expanding an already perforated zone to gain more access to the hydrocarbons that are stored there. Most perforations begin several thousand feet below the ground water tables! Unlike the products that Pa Dad below listed these chemicals are not even coming anywhere near the “precious water source”.

    3. The waste water is actual salt water and they are gone into specifically drilled holes, again with all the required protection and then they are pumped into the ground. Its called a SALT WATER DISPOSAL WELL! It more often then not contains remnants of hydrocarbons, which are then put back into the earth aiding the in development of hydrocarbons that can be accessed later. There is very little waste!
    4. Greenhouse gasses are produced naturally EVERYDAY by cows, they are the number one contributor to greenhouse gases. Methane gas is burned off to prevent pollution, it is called Flaring. Cars produce pollution as well, are you suggesting that we get rid of all cars and kill every cow in the world?

    This is absurd. Trying to scare people into thinking that the “Big Bad Oil and Gas Companies” are killing the earth. THEY AREN’T! What they are doing is creating jobs for people in this shit hole of an economy. They are tapping into HUGE amounts of natural resources! With fracking we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and get out from under the heel of OPEC! But go ahead and spout your ridiculous information that has not scientific support.

  • TBAR

    I love how they say the “Bush/Cheney Energy Bill” to make it seem bad, when this bill was supported by Democrats and Republicans in order for it to pass. Oh, and by the way, Barack Obama was one of the Senators who voted for the bill! Fracking is the solution to soooo many of our nations problems. Do you hate the gas prices? Support fracking. Do you want to stimulate job creation and economic growth? Support fracking. Do you want energy independence and a cleaner planet? Support fracking. Do you want to save American lives in the middle east and end all the hatred towards the USA? Then lets get the hell out of there and start fracking here!!! If we get out of their territory, how can they be mad at us. We’re only involved there because of our oil interests. Fracking is the solution!!! Too many people just hear “FRACKING!” and associate with so many negative thoughts about environmental damage and pollution and water contamination when it is just not true AT ALL.

  • Karolina Stefanski

    Since the discussion about US-fracking,the German economy has stopped all drilling in Germany. Our energy revolution relies on wind and solar power!!

    • Paul Martin

      not true

  • KDub

    The impact of hundreds of thousands of lost jobs, billions of dollars removed from the economy, the continued reliance on OPEC oil and spike in energy costs domestically would be devastating:
    How many of these issues will affect the “artists”? None.

  • Joe T Hodo

    talking about fracking why don´t you take a look on this video about the energetic reform for mexicans… it´s subtitled!


  • Joel Brown

    Fracking is a science, not an opinion, and no scientist has ever asked for the opinion of artist. You people have no idea what you’re talking about but you continue to spread false information to a general population that is just as clueless as you. I’m a petroleum engineer who has personally sat on well locations during frac jobs, and has seen fracking revitalize my own dying rural community in North Dakota, like it has in areas all over the country. You are ignorant. Stick to your art, leave the serious stuff to the people who know what they’re talking about.

  • Amelia

    Since these ignorant comments have been made the truth has been discovered. They are putting more than just a few “chemicals” into fracking water. They are using radium and uranium. These are not anything that a toothpaste will contain my friend. It is harmful, deathly and should be taken as such. Every state will soon join the pledge to stop this practice:

    • Paul Martin

      if you knew what these where used for then you’d understand how they do not pose a harm. these are used for “tracers” and not always used but when they are it is a few oz. to thousands of gallons of frac fluid. when its diluted you are talking about levels of radiation comparable to dirt found in your back yard again its not even used that often. I’d be more concerned about second hand smoke or sun bathing being a health issue.

      • Paul Martin

        tens of thousand

  • Paul Martin

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH this is hilarious….

  • vladfolrolz

    How can you even have the grit to call your selfs “artists”? There is a difference between true artists and sparkle eyed idiots who think, because of their delusional ego that they have a say in this. All that you have done is to give true artists (not you) a bad name. So i propose our society to find a way to tell between those douchbags and real artists. U know… like the werewolf game :D