WATCH: “Don’t Frack My Mother”

Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Artists Against Fracking Present an Anti-Fracking Anthem

Directors: Sarah Sophie Flicker, Maximilla Lukacs and Tennessee Thomas
Video Producer: Rebecca Fernandez
Editor: Maximilla Lukacs

The artists of Artists Against Fracking worked together to create this music video for “Don’t Frack My Mother,” Sean Lennon’s very own anti-fracking anthem.

Recognize anyone in the video?

We thought you might. Here’s a list of all the artists who appear in it:


  1. Thanks to Sean & everyone else who participated!

  2. Dan Rynberg says:

    Well done, may this help keep NY State FrackFree!

  3. Gail Neustadt says:

    Interesting that the words to this important song are sung to Dylan’s “The Times they are a Changin!” In my story Sebastian’s Tale (a fantasy and somewhat political allegory) by Dylan Weiss, the end suggests the solution to the issue with another of Dylan’s songs! Thank you for all you are doing to fight what seems to be an unprecedented foe. Please read my story which I’m blogging for free at It will make a fantastic animation. It needs to be discovered by one of you!!!! “G” AKA Dylan Weiss

  4. Bertus Buizer @bbuizer says:

    A fantastic good act. Thank you. I’m against fracking, like you. We don’t need shale gas!

  5. This is great. We could use some help in Ohio!!

  6. Jill McCall says:

    Take heart – our local community in Australia turned it around. #CSGnorthernrivers #metgasco

  7. Cody says:

    Yes because we need to remain dependent on the middle east for oil and gas

    • Alan M Aszkler says:

      I’d like to see how long Yoko and Sean can live in CPW without fracked gas or nuclear electricity in this weather……

  8. Don’t frack my mother, don’t frack my heart!

  9. The Elusive Dr. X says:

    Apparently, when you are a member of the “beautiful people”, the high cost of energy doesn’t really matter. What about the rest of us that have to actually work for a living and purchase oil and gas to keep our kids warm at night? Never mind the fact that there is little (if any) scientifically defensible evidence that hydrofracking is actually a quantifiable problem……
    What a bunch of self absorbed f’ing idiots. Guess I’ll have to go burn my collection of Plastic Ono Band LP’s…..

  10. Ali Babba says:

    That fat crack head Carrie is going to ruin star wars. Call disney today and ask for her to not be cast.


    To the Elusive Dr. X,
    If you live in NY state, then you should be concerned. There will be tons of toxic waste being transported to who knows where to be dumped, the water supply will be at high risk and there is a higher risk of earthquake activity (NYC is 35 miles from a nuclear plant on a fault line). Not to mention the amount of natural gas that can be obtained is too inadequate to take this much risk.

    Maybe YOU need to conserve more – as most of us do! We have enough gas now to warm the kids.

    • Richard White says:

      Earthquakes? Why stop there? Volcanoes too! (Where ever there are earthquakes volcanoes can’t be far away.) Oh, and, uhm, asteroids too. And alien invasion! And, uhm, oh, the list goes on and on.

    • Queen Latraya says:

      Agreed, Laurie. He and those who choose to pull the wool over their eyes in order to line their pockets (or help others line theirs), at the expense of our planet and people, really do need to get a serious GRIP on reality; not a bunch of numbers or data. That’s not the real truth here; seeing/observing is believing.

  12. Frank Chernega says:

    Your total lack of science, statistics, and analysis makes your efforts a
    joke. You’re fooling no one. The real reason you want fracking banned
    is to drive down the price of real estate to the pre gas levels so you
    can continue to prey on poverty stricken landowners who will no longer
    need your money once they start collecting gas royalties. Go somewhere
    else (NYC or Hollywood) and sell your snake oil.

    • Queen Latraya says:

      You don’t need to produce scientific results when the results of the ruination of the planet and its people are self evident. You are the one who is fooling NO ONE. Get a grip.

  13. Concerned citizen of the world says:

    OMG to all those ignorant people who say there is no proof or evidence that hydrofracking is a problem, have you even bothered to look.. there is scientific, quantifiable evidence and plenty of it… .. Wake up.. or do you work for the gas companies? And to those of you who are sooooo concerned about your cheap bills and gas and electricity… you don’t need these to live.. However you do need water to live… maybe you should look into what irreversible damage fracking will do to water and how much of it is used in the process before you start mouthing off with some poor versus rich bullshit… The only rich shit argument that comes into play here is the frackers are making shitloads of money off of a very short term venture that will be paid for by future generations to come…When it comes to what is truly necessary to live ie clean air and water and healthy food, we are all in the same boat, rich and poor. These are the things that need protecting from Fracking which if you look into it, actually affects all 3. And without access to these 3, air water and food, what use is gas or electricity..Get properly informed before you get angry at others who have taken the time to look into this and do something about it before it’s too late…. A big thankyou to Artists Against Fracking for spreading the word..we are doing are best to stop it in Australia too… look into the LOCK the GATE scheme..

    • Queen Latraya says:

      I agree with you, Concerned. They are obviously pushing their own, greedy and dirty agendas. I hope people like them burn in hell with their precious oil someday, personally.

  14. Nancy Denker says:

    We are making a little progress in New Mexico, where we have the first county in the country banning fracking. The Democratic Party also passed a resolution to the same end. Please sign my petition in order to increase our collective voice!

  15. Hi, CSG is/will let off bulk Methane , much more dangerous then Carbon to the Atmosphere,
    Melbourne Uni is conducting their own small test ATM but no-one is listening yet
    there is to much money to be made for the Greedy’s and i fear that it will be to late to pull them up when they start pulling in the Big Bucks,
    I really cannot understand why these governments (state and federal) are letting this happen,
    I turned 54 today and when i was in primary school they taught us that the Great Artesian Basin
    was the Largest body of Under-ground water on this Planet
    now these overseas monopoly’s are going to force Poisons under the water to force up gas/salt-water and more poison
    then they are going to store this salt water and poison on the Ground above the Water ?
    probably something i would give the kids a kick up the bum for if they tried it at home
    The thing is Mother Nature will not be forgiving when this goes bad , it will not be the easy clean-up like the Exxon Valdez
    or the little spill that BP had off Florida
    In 100 years time I can see the East Coast of Australia,west of the Great Dividing Range turning into a Waste-Land
    and who-ever is around in those days having to import tinned food from somewhere else
    Because of the Huge amounts of Money involved ( 80% going overseas) I am not sure how this CSG industry can be pulled up till proper investigations can be done
    there is already Methane bubbling up in the Condamine River at Tara in SW/QLD but this is a natural occurrence they say ( even though no-one has seen it before )
    this is from the first noticed leak,, the ABC did a new report about a week ago that showed many leaks over a large section of River
    This is the overview of QLD governments investigation ,you will notice they say the phenomenon needs a long term study,but no mention of putting the industry on hold ?
    Anyway it is nice to see you are promoting Nuclear Power , I see Nuke as a good stop gap for Industry
    wind and solar are OK for houses and street-lights as the cost comes down but probably be a long time till these methods produce power for industry
    All the best ,, Michael ps I support Nuke Power the only safe alturnitve for the immediate Future

  16. fredschnaubelt says:

    Fred Schnaubelt shared a link.
    31 minutes ago

    Fracking has been going on in California for over 50 years. One thing is for sure, without Oil at least half the world’s population would be dead or never have been born since 1865. On June 10th The New York Times reported no global warming… for 15 years. Now even the NYT is guilty of mitigating environmentalist guilt.

    Chapter 13, Romancing The Voters. Oil — finite but inexhaustible

    “The earth will perish in 7 billion years when the sun burns out,” my astronomy professor told the UCSD class. “Repeat that please,” said guy nearby, clearly agitated. After hearing it repeated, with a sigh of relief the student said, “Phew, for a minute I thought you said 7 million years.”

    While we all can agree the sun is finite, the sun’s energy is also undeniably inexhaustible. Oil, like the sun, is also finite and inexhaustible.
    Romancing the Voters- Discount 25% CODE: PD29J


      Somehow I do not believe this about California- or the Gas industry would be running commercials about CA to help communities make their decisions.

      By the way Fred Schnaubelt, why do you have an ad in your Post

      • fredschnaubelt says:

        The ad is to generate a discussion among intelligent people versed in current issues who like me are often wrong in our popular assumptions. History is replete with examples of people who were absolutely convinced they were right, such as most academics before Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Einstein and Al Gore to name a few.

        e.g., “The gist of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s comments about 47 percent of the population not paying income taxes was lost in the political game of
        “Gotcha.” Whether the 47 percent is comprised of military, Social Security or
        welfare recipients misses the point. Assume all 47 percent of the adult population is not legally, ethically or morally bound to pay any income taxes. Assume they all are acting legitimately.

        Ask yourself, will half of any country’s population for long continue to support
        the other half (plus paying the government’s enormous shipping and handling
        charges for transferring the payments)?” From

    • Richard White says:

      Seven billion years? Yikes! We’d better get busy finding another place to live! Maybe now is a good time to sell real estate to those foolish enough to want to stay here.

    • Queen Latraya says:

      Nothing you can post can ever promote oil as something we absolutely need. You are obviously knee deep in the hoopla, so to speak, so of course you will promote your dirty cause as much as is possible. But you know what? The truth is coming out about how damaging fracking is to both the planet and to humans. I hope one day you actually have a nice fracking location nearby you and your family so you can experience how “worthwhile” it is. The moment your family vomits and has diarrhea; do you think you might change your tune? Oh, wait. You probably live on a hill or something, that is so far away from the shale deposits that you don’t have to give a rat’s ass, eh?

  17. Mel Safken says:

    Just look at our Beautiful state of Colorado…
    Don’t let this happen to your state… after its allowed, there is no turning back. :(

  18. fredschnaubelt says:

    Well that’s it! We all might just as well go home and turn on the gas. We were all supposed to be dead decades ago anyway from starvation according to Stanford’s Paul Ehrlich’s “Population Bomb,” and others due to atomic tests fallout, acid rain, Strontium 90, Alar on Apples, dead oceans, etc, etc, etc. The sky is falling.

    • Queen Latraya says:

      Yes, well it really is happening, the destruction caused by fracking. If you have your eyes wine open, you might actually notice that, yourself. Till then? Keep on dreaming.

  19. mtirishcowgirl says:

    Here’s an even funnier story…very true. We went with some friends to of all places Pavillian Wy. To bad we didn’t know about their water problems….we don’t watch much tv out here…to much work and it gets light around 4:30am in the summer and gets dark around 9:30pm. So you can see we have lots of time to spend working our ranch so we can help feed everyone and not much time watching the news, surfing the web etc. Just think how excited we were when our friends from Idaho said, “Hey, we found a great deal on some land over in Wyoming. Road trip” Just think, we could have bought 190 acres for $ good to be true. Irrigated too. We met the real estate agent, he showed us the beautiful alfalfa fields with it’s 8in water pipe pumping copious amounts of water to the pivot, that would be a giant sprinkler to you city folk, big pond, no house but close to town…ideal at a bargin price. He said the irrigation water levels had been stable for the last 10 years and we went to the county offices and pulled the documents and he was right. We couldn’t believe our luck, wanting to move from So Eastern Montana due to all the toxic chemicals, fumes, spills etc…you get my point I’m sure. We wanted to build a house and were eager to get to the county offices to find out what the permits would cost etc…funny,,,not many houses out there. We just thought no one wanted to live in Wyoming…what luck for us! We stayed at a really nice campground, visited with other campers, BBQ’ed, took hot showers before we turned in and slept under the stars. Next morning, I had a rash. Didn’t think anything of it being we were camping and happened to mention it to the kind gentleman at the local drug store when it started to bother me and low and behold…he told us the story of Pavillian and it’s water pollution problems due to the fracking. No wonder the land was such a steal. To bad the real estate agent wasn’t honest enough to tell us about the water problems. So we met up with him that afternoon as planed because we had intended to look at another piece of property and noticed he had a funny look to his skin, like he had been burnt. Needless to say, he came clean when confronted with the fact that we had been told about the water problem and guess what, his place was up for sale too! Well, my friends are toughing it out in Brancroft Idaho, population 300 or so and we are here in Montana still cause no one will want to by this place with a well 100 feet off the west end of the house. Our elevation is higher than our counties population. It has gotten as low as 32 below zero here in winters past. It also is going to be 93 tomorrow. We have a wood stove for heat with all the dead timber laying around. We used to produce a garden that every saturday went to town and was sold to people who appreciate local, farm fresh, pesticide free veggies. We also had give or take 50 chickens at any given time. Layers and roasters. We raised beef and sheep, raised horses and good cattle dogs. Life was good especially since I came from California and when I met and married my husband, I thought all my dreams had come true. A productive part of society contributing to the health and well being of man and animals….not to mention I bbq a mean tri tip roast and killer cheesecake. Now, all we have are two horses, three dogs, two cats and a lot of land that is now hay ground that is sold as cattle feed out of state. The buyers know the truth about the ground and we don’t irrigate and count on summer rains to get at least two cuttings. He sells it out of state to drought stricken areas that are so desperate to feed their livestock, they don’t care that fracking is going on around here…they just want to feed their stock. I don’t buy meat at the store, who would want to if the water makes people sick, and the cows are eating the grass irrigated with contaminated water,,,it makes sense that the cows are contaminated now. Chicken is almost always on the menu. Water is trucked in and stored in two 500 gallon tanks. Who knew water cost more than gas. Go figure. My invitation stands to anyone who thinks our planet isn’t warming up, that fracking isn’t harmful to man and beast and would love to spend some time on a beautiful Montana ranch. Don’t forget to bring your cup and get a nice cool drink of water from our beautiful contaminated artisen well!

  20. Jy Lisowski says:

    stop fracking now! we need to stop this nonsense. america is gonna light up like hell and the real estate is gonna be worthless. nature is dying.

  21. P.Eng. says:

    If anyone in this video can truly discuss the process of hydraulic fracturing, what is involved, the science and engineering behind it… I may listen. Otherwise, go get an education, a degree, and study the facts… then feel free to pass judgement. Pitiful. I am a highly educated Environmental Engineer with intimate knowledge of fracturing and find these movements couter-productive to proper legislation.

    • Queen Latraya says:

      Maybe they can, had you ever thought that they all actually might be educated? Just because you say you are, doesn’t give you the right to accuse others of not being educated. How preposterously arrogant you are.

  22. P.Eng. says:

    Yoko Ono, just one of your hundreds of flights across the Atlantic (NY to London) creates a carbon footprint larger than a typical African native’s carbon footprint over his/her lifetime. Your lifestyle requires hydrocarbon production and new ways to recover oil and gas. Where is that song? Look inward to discover the solution… inward.

    • Queen Latraya says:

      So, what you are saying is she doesn’t have a right to look into what’s going on and help out with it, just because she’s flown on planes to places where she gives thousands of dollars towards good causes, eh? What a jealous twat you are to say that. Really.

  23. Mwalimu59 says:

    The distinguished Irish singer-songwriter Charlie McGettigan has recorded a fine anti-fracking song, protesting against proposed shale gas extraction in areas of outstanding natural beauty in the north-west of Ireland:

  24. George Charles Jr. says:

    You would think that after this many years, Yoko Ono would lose the broken English.
    …and while we’re talking about this…why don’t these ‘artists’ go back to school and learn to think, because it’s ridiculous to think that something like fracking that’s gone on since 1947 in this country (and a mile down) could possibly contaminate drinking water aquifers without the EPA being all over them. Instead, the EPA has given fracking their certified blessing everywhere they’ve tried to use hysteria. So, nice song…what else do you have that entertains the feeble-minded? BTW, I’m a Chemical Engineer.

    • Queen Latraya says:

      You’re an educated idiot then, because it has and IS affecting water, the environment, and people, too. Perhaps you don’t live nearby a fracking zone, but someday, perhaps you will and then what will you say, Mr. big time Chemical Engineer? Like your title really counts. Ha.

      • George Charles Jr. says:

        Have a stupid ass like you ever actually done some REAL investigation??? Why don’t you watch ‘Truthland’ on Youtube and get a clue? ‘Fracknation’ might be too real for you, so I won’t bore you with facts, such as ‘Gasland 1 and ‘ by Josh Fox were found out to be fiction and fraudulent. The EPA hasn’t had a reason to worry about the groundwater since 1947, why do YOU think that they wouldn’t slam down hard on anybody that violates the water? You think YOU know better than anybody, but you can’t prove it…take your scooter and go home, idiot.

        • George Charles Jr. says:

          BTW…I live south of Dimock, Pa. where environmental hysteria has overcome facts, and has been central to Josh Fox’s fraud. Nice having public officials reacting emotionally rather than factually…

  25. Thad Lucken says:

    make prisoners ride generator equipped stationary bikes to power rich liberal mansions..

  26. Richard White says:

    About four of those names ring a bell, and only Liv Tyler in a positive way.

    Everybody go home. Please.

  27. Fernando Lopez says:

    When will these condescending rich snobs realize the meaning of the word irony? Yoko Ono was driven to a fracking protest in a V12 Mercedes! All of these people’s lives depend of fossil fuels and they offer no realistic alternative to fracking, let’s face it without fracking the price of oil and gas would reach apocoliptic highs, the economy would crash so bad people would be lucky to survive let alone care about fracking or ‘global warming’. They think because they’re famous, their opinions matter more than mine, I’m just a hard working man, so I suppose I don’t matter…

  28. whistletalker says:

    Fracking creates Global Warming. Stanford
    researcher finds U.S. methane emissions are higher than official estimates

  29. Allison says:

    I did a project for school on Fracking… check it out

  30. Watername says:

    We need clean water, earth and air in the United States of America, therefore we sure don’t need fracking. We don’t need to be a toxic colony for those countries who have already signed up to buy American natural gas because they don’t want to pollute their own countries and so have banned fracking

  31. Kristine Burton says:

    How about writing a song against the military complex. .I don’t hear a sound about the thousands of miles of rail systems and dumbs under your very houses..these cause voids and are more dangerous than fracking. .