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Two New York Top Chefs Ask: Fracking or Food?

It’s no secret that New York City prides itself on its incredible restaurants and ability to rely on organic, locally grown food. And thanks to Upstate New York’s watersheds that supply New York City with clean, fresh water each day, the city is home to some of the best bagels, pizza and coffee known to

Gov. Cuomo puts New Yorkers’ health above politics

As recommended by the New York State Department of Health, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision on whether or not to ban fracking for gas in New York has been further delayed. We are pleased the Governor’s administration recognizes the need for in-depth analysis of the risks that fracking poses to our health. We are confident that

In New TV Ad, Yoko Ono Speaks to Gov. Cuomo About Fracking

Yoko Ono Speaks to Gov. Cuomo About Fracking "Governor Cuomo, Since you haven't met with me about the dangers of fracking, I will show you now on TV: • Tap water too toxic to drink or bathe in • 60 percent of wells leak over time • And they're much too deep to fix •

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon announce winners of the #DontFrackNY video contest

Artists Against Fracking is pleased to announce the winners of the #DontFrackNY video contest. Congratulations to – drumroll, please – Michael Lebron and Mariah Prentiss! Nearly 100 videos were submitted to the contest prior to the January 30th deadline in two categories: TV-ready ads and short videos. Yoko Ono and her son, Sean Lennon, carefully

Must Watch: Josh Fox/Artists Against Fracking Mini-Documentary

Here's a must watch 7-minute documentary from Gasland's Josh Fox about the recent Artists Against Fracking Tour of Pennsylvania. Give it a watch, then say you're with us–together we can make sure Governor Cuomo bands this toxic practice in New York State. Join Our Movement

Yoko’s Albany Times Union Op-Ed: Imagine NY without fracking

My husband, John Lennon, and I bought a beautiful farm in rural New York more than 30 years ago. We loved the tranquility and beauty of the area. Our son, Sean, spent many precious days there growing up. Our family still enjoys it now.

Like the rest of our state, this peaceful farming community is threatened by fracking for gas. Giant pipelines, thousands of tractor-trailer trucks [...]

Yoko’s Letter to the Editor of the New York Times

The New York Times got our attention last week when it editorialized in favor of the supposed benefits of exporting natural gas fracked from the ground beneath communities across the United States. Checkout the letter to the editor our co-founder Yoko Ono wrote in response, published in today's paper: In “Sending Natural Gas Abroad” (editorial,

Taking it to the Streets

Did you hear? Governor Cuomo has delayed a decision on fracking New York until February, 2013. It is good that he is studying the issue more. PLEASE LET HIM KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! We're hitting the streets with a poster campaign (HT @MarcDSchiller) across New York City. If you see a poster, Tweet it at

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon Launch the #DontFrackNY Video Contest

New York’s Gov. Cuomo recently delayed until February a decision on whether to allow fracking for gas in the state. To help inform the Governor and the public, Artists Against Fracking announces the #DontFrackNY video contest. Help us make the case in the most compelling and moving way.   The Rules We’re looking for two

Health Study Victory

As the pressure mounted from groups across the state, Governor Cuomo delayed any decision on fracking New York until late February, 2013. We applaud the myriad local activist groups, outspoken organizations and our own members for continuing to pressure the administration. We are pleased that the health impact assessment has been delayed to make time for a more