The members of Artists Against Fracking came together over concerns about the impacts of fracking on water, air and local communities in the State of New York. Through information made available by the EPA and the gas companies themselves, we believe that fracking is a danger to New Yorkers. AAF is focusing on New York as a first step in a global effort.

Abena Koomson
Adam Greene
Alec Baldwin
Amanda Palmer
Amy Ryan
Amy Sohn
Animal Liberation Orchestra
Anne Hathaway
Anthony Edwards
Beast Patrol
Beastie Boys
Ben Perowsky
Ben Tyree
Bethany Yarrow
Bill Frisell
Bill Migliore
Black Keys
Black Twig Pickers
Bon Iver
Bonnie Raitt
Brad Mehldau
Brazilian Girls
Carrie Fisher
Charlotte Kemp Muhl
Chris Maxwell
Cibo Matto
Cindy Sherman
Conor Oburst
Corn Mo
Dan Fogler
Darren Aronofsky
Daryl Hanna
David Byrne
David Crosby
David Fiuczynski
David Geffen
David Lang
David Sitek
Deborah Eisenberg
Deepak Chopra
Devendra Banhart
Donald Fagen
Dub Trio
Dustin Yellin
Elephant Revival
Eric “Roscoe” Ambel

FonLin Nyeu
Fred Armisen
G Tom Mac
Gene Ween
George Saunders
Glen Hansard
Gotham Chopra
Graham Nash
Greg Bissonette
Greg Rolie
Greta Seacat
Gwyneth Paltrow
Hahn Rowe
Harper Simon
Hugh Jackman
Indigo Girls
Ingrid Sischy
Irina Lazareanu
Jackson Browne
Jake Hoffman
Jamie Saft
Janet Feder
Jay Dee Daugherty
Jeff Koons
Jenny Scheinman
Jesse Harris
Jimmy Fallon
Joe Walsh
Joel Hamilton
Joel Rafael
John Cameron
John Zorn
Johnny Irion
Jonathan Marc Sherman
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Josh Fox
Judy Kuhn
Julian Lage
Julian Lennon
Julianne Moore
Justin Bond
Karen Elson
Katelan Foisy
Kathleen Hanna
Keith Secola
Kim Gordon
Kronos Quartet
Kyoko Ono Cox
Lady Gaga
Lee Ranaldo
Lenny Kaye
Liv Tyler
Lowell Boyers
Malcolm Ford
Marina Abramovic
Mario Batali
Mark Rivera
Mark Ronson
Mark Ruffalo
Martha Colburn
Martha Stewart
Martha Wainwright
Medeski, Martin and Wood
Meredith Monk
Michael Pollan
Mike Watt
Monica Heidimann
My Morning Jacket
Nadia Dajani
Nancy Shevell + Paul
Natalie Merchant
Nels Cline
Nico Muhly
Nicole Bonelli
Noah Emmerich
Patti Smith Group
Peter Coyote
Polyphonic Spree
Ralph Gibson
Richard Gere
Richard Page
Ringo Starr
Roberta Flack
Roberto De Niro
Ron Delsner
Rosario Dawson
Rufus Cappadocia
Rufus Wainwright
Ryan Sawyer
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Salman Rushdie
Sandra Brant
Sara Lee Guthrie
Scissor Sisters
Scott Amendola
Scott Harding
Sea Wolf
Sean Ono Lennon
Sim Redmond Band
St. Vincent
Stephanie & Warren Haynes
Steve Cardenas
Steve Lukather
Steve Shelley
Steven Tyler
Stuwart Hurwood
Susan Sarandon
Sxip Shirey
Talia Lugacy
The B-52’s
The Flaming Lips
The Present
The Strokes
Thomas Bartlett
Three As Four
Thurston Moore
Tim Robbins
Todd Reynolds
Todd Rundgren
Tom Noonan
Tom Waits
Tommy Hawk Wilson III
Tony Shanahan
Trevor Wilson
Uma Thurman
Vernon Reid
Vincent Gallo
Wallace Shawn
White Out
Will Bernard
Yo La Tengo
Yoko Ono
Zooey Deschanel


  1. […] Peace website, dedicated to peace activism. The Artists Against Fracking website & list of participating artists, as well as what you can […]

  2. Tamara Bako says:

    I love the video “dont’ frack your mother”… this is a heartfelt issue for me (I live in Cleveland) People here are speaking out…towns are saying “NO”…as we watch, in dismay, all the stuff that’s already happening in the Youngstown, OH area….it’s a lesson that needs to be shared about what this heinous process does to our environment! Thank you so VERY much for this awesome “actor speak” on fracking. I hope and pray it goes viral… I have passed it on and asked others to follow! :)

    • Fracking Jobs says:

      Well, Tamara, I’m from Akron – and I’m hearing the exact opposite. There are plenty of folks in Ohio that are pro-fracking. As a matter of fact, Youngstown – for decades a declining and depressed city – is enjoying some mild economic resurgence due to fracking. Perhaps you’ve heard of “steel mills”? They powered Youngstown for decades before you were born. I can assure you that they were far more damaging to the environment than fracking could ever be. Instead of sucking up to some spoiled “artists”, take a look at how fracking is providing opportunities for not only the Youngstown area but such areas as southeast Ohio – long an economic basket case. If you care about your fellow human beings, you’ll allow them a chance to have better economic opportunities – something these “artists” could care less about. And, as others have mentioned, use fossil fuels in their high-carbon-output private jets. Hypocrisy: it’s not what’s for dinner; it’s what’s preached by the anti-fracking crowd.

      • Marcia Wilbur says:

        fracking jobs, you’re an ignorant idiot; how’s it gonna be economic when we have a dead planet that NO-ONE can live on because we allowed fracking? and if it’s so good how come almost every other country in the world has banned it? you better check your facts instead of letting your mouth overload your ass. check out pennsylvania fracking, and arkansas fracking, to see what it’s done for those people. see what kind of economic resurgence they’ve experienced now that their homes and land are permanently destroyed, and worth less than nothing, because no-one or nothing can live there. which oil or gas company do you work for or own stock in, You troll?

        • Fracking Jobs says:

          My dear Marcia – so angry, so bitter, so unhappy. Here’s hoping this doesn’t last for you. But that’s a separate issue; instead – let’s discuss the many ways where you are flat-out incorrect…

          1) I am not, and have never been, an employee of any oil or gas company, nor am I recipient of any funding from any oil or gas company.
          2) Not only do I not own stocks in any oil or gas company – I don’t own any stocks AT ALL. BTW if you are invested in an IRA, 401(k), or some type of mutual fund, Marcia, you in fact may very well be invested in one or several oil or gas companies.
          3) Unlike the many “artists” who have put their names on this website to try to dictate to the rest of us how we should live our lives, I have worked as a trucker and support those with commerical licenses who would prefer to make a good living in the oil and gas industry. Your almighty “artists” certainly don’t have a problem collecting million$ from their “art”, so it strikes me as pretty hypocritical that you and these “artists” would deprive hard-working Americans from attempting to make a decent living – on far less than million$ – by providing you, and them, with the fossil fuels you use every single day. Whether you care to admit to that use or not.
          4) Oil shale extraction via fracking continues to improve with technology, and the practice actually has roots going back decades. In addition, studies are beginning to show how the process is safe and environmentally sound, and I’m talking about studies NOT funded by oil or gas companies. Get informed and use something other than midguided angry emotions to debate those you disagree with. Unfortunately, it’s fashionable to be an environmentalist nazi and fight against a potential source of income for many low-income families who simply want to better their lives.

          Your side constantly rails against the 1%. I’m as far from the 1% as one can get, but that doesn’t mean I can’t support a major opportunity for economic resurgence in many of parts of the U.S. that need it most. Your assumptions about me couldn’t be more wrong, a very common affliction with those like you on the left. The “sky is falling” hyperbole your side loves to spew is a tired and overused tactic that goes back generations where environmental concerns lie. The planet is just fine and won’t be imploding due to fracking any time soon. Childish insults don’t make your points any more valid.

        • Frank Chernega says:

          Why, fracking is so deadly and dangerous, 30 states in the U.S. now allow it with California being the latest with Gov Gerry “Moonbeam” Brown, one of the country’s more ardent enviros, permitting it. Your argument is totally without merit and sounds like some tripe you heard from watching Gasland. BTW, Josh Fox who produced the aforementioned comic documentary, showed two overhead views of his home in Milanville, Pa in Gasland 2 and guess what? Despite his ranting throughout the movie that we should stop using fossil fuels and go to renewables, he DOES NOT HAVE A SOLAR ARRAY ON THE ROOF OF THAT HOUSE IN MILANVILLE. Hypocrisy at its worst!

  3. Kim Fleisher says:

    we need your help in philly- questlove and philly fans, help us!

  4. […] Batali, Robert De Niro, Mark Ruffalo, Uma Thurman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, dar şi mulţi alţii (aici puteţi citi lista completă a artiştilor care se opun, în moc public, fracking-ului în […]

  5. BigB_EOD says:

    Nice list, makes it easier to track such a large group of morons.

  6. Jules says:

    Love your vid. Thank you! I wanted to let y’all know about a lush and seductive music-video about rising seas that also has a nice little slap down of the fossil fuel industry in it… EnviroSiren’s SOS:

    • celtnik says:

      Rising seas? If the seas are rising, we are probably getting more ice. Have you ever heard of the Archimedes principle? Never mind, it’s too complicated for someone who couldn’t pass a 7th grade earth science class. Try this, put a can of soda in the freezer and see what happens.

      • Jules says:

        You obviously like being stupid and unkind yourself.

        • celtnik says:

          So, you didn’t try it. If I understand you correctly, people like you who want to drive up fuel prices, which hurts low income families the most are the compassionate ones?

          • Jules says:

            Look, the cost of short term fuel price increases does not compare to the price we’ll pay for the longterm destruction of our planet’s biosphere. And if you want to debate the science with me, please consider: the vast majority of the world’s climatologists have found evidence it’s real. The burden of proof is on the “deniers.” That’s how science works, even in 7th grade. Peace out (and in). Earthly love, E.S.

          • celtnik says:

            Science is not determined by consensus, besides most of those scientists are receiving government grants to perpetuate the notion of “climate change” otherwise known as weather, to keep getting money. Michael Mann was caught sending e-mails to colleagues asking them to continue to cover it up for Christ’s sake. The IPCC went through a lawsuit because some of the scientists they put on their report years ago didn’t believe in the phenomenon. As a matter of fact, in their latest report they admitted what us people who aren’t drones know, that there has been a 15 year cooling trend. And it’s not going to end anytime soon. Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record large extent for it’s second straight year, it’s a at a 35 year high. These are just a few examples, there’s more. Besides, going back to our earth science discussion, warming wouldn’t be a bad thing. There would be more rainfall, longer growing seasons and more CO2, I would think the green movement would be thrilled. You guys are scared of plant food. Also, as I mentioned, there wouldn’t be any rising sea levels since the soda can experiment was supposed to show you that water in solid form displaces more space than it does in liquid.

          • Jules says:

            Indeed it’s not “science by consensus”–it’s a mountain of evidence that the overwhelming majority of scientists have compiled supporting anthropogenic climate change. If you want to pretend it’s not happening, *you’re* the one who is burdened with producing the evidence supporting that hypothesis and I don’t mean cherry picking! Also, I suggest you look at the fossil fuel industries covert funding of climate change deniers from the Heritage Foundation on down–talk about a smoking gun, or rather, smokestack?! Regarding the sea ice highs in the Antarctic: That doesn’t contradict the idea of global warming — for one thing, the growth is very slow compared with ice loss in the Arctic …(from Here is the reality on global temperature trends (and cold winters do not disprove this fact): ” All the indicators show that global warming is still happening.” from I’m tired of debating you silly Earthling. It’s time to write another song… Earthly love, EnivroSiren.

          • celtnik says:

            Deniers, love that word, it’s textbook Marxist demonization. So what if the Fossil Fuel industry has paid for research? They have published their finding for review, but data from the IPCC or NASA, it’s all faked or not available, most of it paid for by taxpayers. Those guys cooking fake AGW data, they aren’t doing it for free. You still haven’t addressed the Michale Mann argument, or the fact that warming isn’t bad, even though there hasn’t been for the last 15 years.



            And Skeptical Science as a reference? Hilarious. That idiot, JOhn Cook, who runs that site isn’t has no scientific training whatsoever and cooks his graphs and data.


            You are going to have to do better than that. Look, just go burn your algae cakes in front of a dung fire in front of your cave and leave the rest of us who believe in real progress and cheap power the fuck alone. Deal.

  7. David and Edie Shugar says:

    David and Edie Shugart

  8. Radical Ric says:


  9. samjmpkj says:

    Wise my name knot on this hear list? I have an imagination. I’m skilled at sum-think, even dough I ain’t never got know business in it yet. (Sweat the big stuff. Be more inclusive.) This is knot about a select bunch of people who have acess to a stage. ? Everyone needs water.

  10. Jeffrey Barbee says:

    The High Cost Of Cheap Gas-By LinkTV Journalist Jeffrey Barbee

    Barbee is the Producer and Director of Fracking Hell, shown on LinkTV last night, and again tonight, help him create a longer film!

    An in-depth film exploration of the real costs of natural gas development from America to the Karoo desert of South Africa. We in the US have already lost a lot to this process, if we can stop other countries from making the same mistakes then those losses will not have been in vain. Comment, voice your stories, and become a part of this project!
    The link the kickstarter campaign is here:

  11. Brian says:

    I live in Texas, been fracing here since the early 70’s. I am a petroleum engineer, an engineers first responsibility is to the public. If you guys are having trouble after completing wells then your doing it wrong, we have had no problems here. We frac in urban dfw everyday without issues!

  12. dave4848 says:

    What is funny about this list is that they are effectively endorsing nuclear energy. There are several power plants in NE that are not profitable enough to withstand cheap gas fired electrical generation. They’ve (nuke plant owners) admitted it in various papers. Maybe one of these pyscho millionaires will donate their pool as a storage facility for the radioactive waste they helped to create.

  13. Mr. Dana Z. says:

    Easy to deny the little people cheap forms of energy when your flying around in private jets.

  14. Troy Schmidt says:

    fracking takes required elements for life out of the ground. Even at such depth, these reserves slowly filter to the surface, and feed our life at the surface and everywhere in between, enriching our soil. By fracking, we cause there to be less organic fundamentals in our chain of osmosis and soak, reducing the sources of energy for life to grow.

  15. Scott Campbell says:

    I would not donate a stinking penny to this pile of shit organization. They are a bunch of ignorant monkeys who do not have a clue about anything, to say nothing of a scientific nature. Moost are not even competent to act ( a brainless job). Clearly they are in the pay of terrorists who want to make sure we are subjugated to muslims.

  16. Dan says:

    Who cares if an artist is for or against something. Is their opinion suppose to matter more because they can act or paint? lol. Wonder if any of them are getting kick backs? lol

  17. Eric Dahl says:

    What a bunch of useless idiots. Thanks for the list of morons I can boycott.

  18. Art and Activism go hand in hand. Artists in Chicago of all persuasions, i.e., art, music, film, dance, drama, poetry, comedy and mixed media are being invited to express their feelings about fracking and banning it in Illinois. Contact me at Thinking we need to move quickly, there are several bills legislators are considering that don’t ban fracking! 3-21-13

  19. CallMeNick says:

    This is an insult to all engineers that are trying to do the right thing in producing energy and NOT producing pollution. If this was the 1800s it would be Artists Against Electricity……which is about equally simplistic…..another reason to keeping hating Yoko……

  20. If you are interested in supporting research on the impacts of Marcellus Shale drilling on headwater streams in Pennsylvania please visit:…. Thank you!!!

  21. says:

    I wonder how all these big shots power their amps, tour buses,private jets, etc. Haven’t seen any of them put a wundmill in their back yard either.

  22. The Hunger Artist says:

    Just a pile of losers trying to get some attention for something other than their lack of creative endeavors. These are the last people anyone should be looking toward for sound scientific information regarding the natural gas industry. This just boils down to some trend started by some desperate and irresponsible people that are completely out of touch with reality and common sense.

  23. The Hunger Artist says:

    This is a message to the artists on this list that I used to respect — “If there’s one thing that makes me sick it’s when people try to hide behind politics. I wish their time would go away fast but they always find a way to make it last…” (They should know who wrote this)

  24. […] Mark Ruffalo and De Niro, and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, the movement has drawn the support of some 200 celebrities all donating time and money to stop efforts toward American energy […]

  25. […] Mark Ruffalo and De Niro, and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, the movement has drawn the support of some 200 celebrities all donating time and money to stop efforts toward American energy […]

  26. Ali Babba says:

    A collection of privileged, rich and scientifically ignorant useful idiots.

    Boycott their work.

  27. […] Mark Ruffalo and De Niro, and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, the movement has drawn the support of some 200 celebrities all donating time and money to stop efforts toward American energy […]

  28. If your stance on a complex issue like fracking can be swayed one way or another by the opinion of a musical artist that you like, it might be time to take a step back and reevaluate the priorities and influences in your life.

  29. sparky24w says:

    you these idiots can afford 10.00 a gallon and the blue collar guy cannot. i definetley ain’t putting a windmill on top of my car. When the left banned ddt here in the states and the united nations banned it million of africans died since then of malaria, yes people it was hollywood behind it, and as far as ddt it was the most perfectly engineered chemical ever made, while around it saved lives, now fracking is bad and not one study showed it’s dangers…

  30. sparky24w says:

    these people are rich, and were not so there suppose to know better than us, guess what theres more of us then them!! revolution people we go arrest all these libs and send them off to pakistan, and saudi arabia where there is liberal tolerance wink wink….

  31. sparky24w says:

    i bet 95% of these assholes know nothing about fracking. they just hear what there commrades are telling them, and just sign here, oh ok….

  32. […] involved in Artists Against Fracking include Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart, and Salman […]

  33. jimmywampum says:

    So where do these “artists” want the oil that is used in the jets they
    fly all over the world to come from? Please tell us what ‘good crude
    oil’ is. If any of these artists buy just about anything, it comes to
    them via large amounts of diesel fuel. Maybe they can come up with a
    list of ‘good crude oil’ for us less enlightened beings on this planet.

  34. fuelguru says:

    As founder of an 8 year project to bring positive change to the
    worldwide transportation fuels markets, I can tell you that from the
    well to the wheel, the worldwide transportation fuel future is quickly
    becoming a Titanic disaster.
    Check out my work and
    educate yourself. Look at the unbelievable air pollution in China from
    cars and trucks. Check out ‘The Right to Breathe’, or ‘300 Years of
    Fossil Fuels.’

    If there was any advice I could give to all ‘stakeholders’ it would
    be this:When one is pointing a finger at someone else, they have three
    pointing back at them. I personally challenge the above named artists,
    and the public, to move beyond finger pointing and understand that we
    are all in the same boat. Before it’s too late.

    • fuelguru says:

      Hmmmm…8 days later and no takers on my offer. The above named ‘artists’ must all be too frackin busy entertaining to be the change they want to see in the world. FG

      • fuelguru says:

        Hmmmm…21 days later and still no takers on my offer. The above named ‘artists’ must all be WAY too frackin busy ‘entertaining’ to be the change they want to see in the world. FG zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  35. […] Ruffalo and Robert De Niro, and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, the movement has drawn the support of some 200 celebrities all donating time and money to stop efforts toward American energy […]

  36. Troy Schmidt says:

    Dear Artist against fracking,

    I am a
    music student , and as such lacking certain educational background. I have a
    concern related to fuel harvesting that I do not see addressed in current
    environmental campaigns. I have conducted minor research of articles and
    publications for information to validate or disprove my argument. My argument
    is that in addition to pollution and surface destruction, fossil fuel
    harvesting is removing an important ecological ingredient. To summarize as
    briefly as possible, there is life living within, and around fossil fuel
    reserves, and although very slow, a complete carbon and hydro-logical cycle.
    Although it may take very long, I believe that fuel harvesting is removing the
    earths ability to rapidly and effectively recover from soil consumption.

    help me find information to prove or disprove this concern.



    • Marcia Wilbur says:

      Troy, the fracking industry is hiding behind all their own lies, such as: it will create energy independance for the u.s.; it will NOT create energy independance for us, since about 90 to 95% of whatever they take out of the ground is being exported, and that includes natural gas and shale oil. It will create much needed jobs in this country: it will create 35 permanent jobs in this country, hardly enough to justify destroying the planet.each. It’s very safe, and cant hurt You; it is the most deadly form of energy production ever created;when they frack a well, they first drill down about 1 to 1/2 miles, then they drill 6 to 8 horizontal shafts from the vertical mile and a half deep shaft; then they inject water, loaded with pollutants that are radioactive (which means no matter what they do it can’t be purified) under extreme pressure so that the layers of rock will fracture, releasing the oil or gas. most of this toxic water stays underground, leaking into the aquafiers, and thereby polluting the water, which is what we drink, bath in, water our animals and gardens in. it makes any property above the wells worthless, as it’s unable to sustain any kind of life. not to mention the 30 billion or more gallons of water it takes just to frack ONE WELL. I can’t believe the ignorance of most of the people who’ve commented on here.they have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. go to google and type fracking in the search engine bar and see what you come up with.

  37. videorov says:

    Now we know who not to buy from their records go to their movies etc.

  38. videorov says:

    What the heck does Flea know about anything.

  39. Frank Chernega says:

    Artists should stop “cracking”.

  40. Frank Chernega says:

    artists should stop “cracking”

  41. Troy Schmidt says:

    And the machine had won, and was never paid for.

    -But people started to die, and there became a conflict in the science of survival. On one hand was the sedentary and sedated, with the organization of the greatest debt in history to protect them, and on the other…. evolved mankind.

    -Dub Railroad for President of USA

  42. Gracias a todos desde Bilbao.

  43. S. Stillman says:

    I can’t believe the mean spirited level of comments! Artists that use their notoriety for the common good are to be commended. It brings attention to ISSUES that require exposure & serious public discussion. So many of the ‘comments’ here are baseless name calling, and lead me to believe that the ‘fracking industry’ has paid people to fill up the comments page with vitriol. I applaud the work of Artists against Fracking and the larger environmental movement seeking to find safe, clean ways to address our energy needs while maintaining a healthy planet.

    • Fracking Jobs says:

      Samantha obviously has never witnessed an anti-fracking rally. The derision and vitriol that eminates from the fractivist crowd is breathtaking.

      • Marcia Wilbur says:

        Really??? seems to me that every informational forum i’ve been to has been very quiet, except for the trolls like you that the gas and oil companies send in to try to distract us from learning the truth about you lying greedy pieces of garbage.

        • Fracking Jobs says:

          “Lying, greedy pieces of garbage”. Thank you, Marcia, for proving my point. Read my above statement, dear. I’m not a troll, and don’t work for any oil or gas companies.

          • Marcia Wilbur says:

            first of all, don’t call me dear; second of all, check your facts before posting. You sure sound like someone one of “the elite” has hired. You are terribly misinformed, and it sounds as tho if you don’t work for them, someone has filled you with misinformation.

          • FrackDaddy says:

            Dear, Do you math this is a shutdown by the elite of NYC and Catskills. Do some looking into where these people get there money, And how they pay for study’s to turn out in their favor. If this is as bad as you messiah Josh Fox says, why are there not towns completely gone cause they have no water? Where are lakes and streams full of dead fish? Where are the people with cancer related to fracking? They don’t exist! I know this because I live in “Gasland” Susquehanna Co PA. I drink my tap water everyday, cook with it, and wash with it. I have an active well less than 1100 ft from my house. But your right those who don’t live it everyday, Drink $10/per bottles of water, and pay people to tie their shoes for them know best. Also DEAR, Classic anti rant accusations and name calling with facts.

  44. StudentsAgainstFracking says:

    WE LOVE Artists Against Fracking and think you guys are doing an AMAZING job. We back you 100% and are so proud that such prominent artists are using their fame for good. Keep it up. Students Against Fracking are behind you :)

  45. Alan Seeling says:

    These folks are just plain silly. They drive to work, they don’t cut wood for your fireplace, as if they even knew how, they use cheap energy produced products everyday, all day long…they are like the people who believe the money the government hands out grows on trees located in the backyards of the wealthy and the Makers. Anyone believing this is silly and surely cannot be taken seriously. Sorry, but they really ought to find another windmill.

  46. Fracking Jobs says:

    Hey ‘artists’, here’s some reading material for ya…..

  47. John Williams says:

    I would like to invite all Artists against Fracking to the No Fracking Way America’s International Gathering. If you would like to speak, or perform, great. If you like, you may just camp, mingle and have a fun, educational weekend. Please check it out at: http;//
    Hope to see many of you there, or even not realize you were there, which ever you prefer.

  48. John Williams says:

    OOPS, that’s http:/
    The International Gathering Aug. 23-25, 2013

  49. Jerry G says:

    When you have your green house in order, THEN you can come and tell me that I’m messed up. Until then, shut the hell up, you phonies.

  50. Mo says:

    Half of the people listed here are either terrible actors, have shitty music, or are has beens.. Piss on all you douchebags who have your fancy cars and private jets.. Ever think about what it takes to make those luxuries function?

    • Eric McLeod says:

      Unfortunately, it’s fashionable to be an environmentalist nazi and fight against a potential source of income for many low-income families who simply want to better their lives.

  51. Corine says:

    Please also help stop fracking in the Netherlands! Sign our petition!

  52. Derek Leon Elton says:
    have a listen – -feel free – -we need a UK Artists against Fracking branch asap

  53. Anna Yamada says:

    fracking is bad–this is a cynical effort of self promotion. a shame suh wealth and power is not doing some real good?

  54. Anna Yamada says:

    they could buy up the frack tech or short their stocks or are they already?

  55. Joe Wiseman says:

    These companies will poison the water table
    without remorse –

  56. fuelguru says:

    Hmmmmm….8 months later, and still no takers on my offer from the above list of BIG fracking stars. What a total fraud. My advice on real life to the listed elite-

    This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco

    This ain’t no fooling around

    This ain’t no mud club, or C. B. G. B.

    I ain’t got time for that now
    GET REAL!!!!!!!! furl guru

  57. tbot48 says:

    The real reason for the moritorium is Gov Princess Andy Cuomo likes rubbing elbows with the rich and famous of NYC who are buying up cheap foreclosed land in the Catskills for their playground…

  58. pbrhipster says:

    Many of these artists have money is invested in companies that are active in hydraulic fracturing. I wonder if they spend the money earned from fracking investments on fuel for their private jets?

  59. Mary Gerdt says:

    Vermont is down to the wire. 3 men called PSB just blessed a pipeline extension. Monkton, Vermont Selectboard made a deal with Canadian owned VT gaz. When New York said no, the paper mill, said, let’s go through the hinterlands of Vermont and under the lake!, Up hill and down in the wetlands. Yes! We will avoid Bill McKibben’s neighborhood and he works for Middlebury College. Next step, Army Corps of Engineers, right of ways, no sweat. When the pipeline is complete, prices will creep up, all Vermont utilities will be owned by Canadians, and there will be a pipeline under Lake Champlain. Please, New York Artists, please come to Vermont and tell these guys what’s wrong with the plan.

  60. ***SLO says:

    Oh please! When all of these artists and other opponents to energy exploration are sporting a horse and buggy or bicycle as personal transportation everywhere they go, and live in ONE reasonably sized house…lose the cars and modern conveniences of electricity, gas stoves and home heating/cooling, THEN maybe they will have the credibility to talk to the rest of the world about energy related issues. Good grief!

  61. metroeco says:

    I’m the ONLY candidate for governor of Pennsylvania intending to ban fracking. Green Party: Need music video to help the campaign go viral via social media, since corporate media blackout has been total. Thanks!

  62. Energy from Thorium says:

    In Australia, a very vocal Sydney-based “talk jock” – Alan Jones – took issue with fracking, in an ~ hour-long talk, givern at the Australian Press Club (October 2011):


    Anyone interested in ending Fracking should view (& be re-envigorated by) this talk.

    PS I feel the best way to end Fracking (in all its forms & variations) is to learn more about the inherently-safe, post-Fukushima, liquid-fuel “Nuclear 2.0″ reactors, due to be running – in Canada – within 6 to 8 years from today.

    “Nuclear 2.0″ Terms to look for:
    + “Molten Salt Reactors” (MSRs);
    + “Energy from Thorium” (’cause Throium is safe & more abundant than Uranium)
    + “Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors” (LFTRs)

    People to hear:
    + Kirk Sorensen (FLiBe Energy)
    + Dr David Le Blanc
    + YouTube channel: “gordonmcdowell” (Gordon is a Canadian documentary maker)

    Sources of info:
    + Android app “Thorium” (Thorium Remix); from “Google Play” (access to 20+ doco’s)

  63. Paul Martin says:

    unfortunately there is a debate about whether frac’ing is okay. this is unfortunate because there is no reason to not do it. the only arguments against it are all false. I don’t say this as joe company man or someone who doesn’t like environmentalist but as someone who lives this and is extensively knowledgeable on the matter. I’ve been involved with completions jobs around the globe. I also know the history. I’m telling you now I have never heard a VALID argument against it that had to do with the actual process. as long as proper containment of materials and responsible waste water treatment is followed THERE IS NO HARM TO THE PUBLIC. and believe me when I say that the industry is one of the heaviest regulated in the country to confirm that these guidelines are followed due too the mass hysteria caused by the ill informed (examples above). all and all its safe. no worries folks.

  64. Paul Martin says:

    seriously the reason that any government postponed or banned frac’ing is because these hippies fear monger and perpetuate lies. Every government eventually opens up to frac’ing because they actual look at scientific facts and REAL studies. if these shitbirds would do he same instead of perpetuating all this verbal diarrhea then maybe they would too.

  65. Eric McLeod says:

    Yeah sure, Yoko Ono knows more about petroleum engineering than technicians and actual engineers

  66. Eric McLeod says:

    Unfortunately, it’s fashionable to be an environmentalist and fight against a potential source of income for many low-income families who simply want to better their lives.

  67. […] in the environmental movement. From donning the red carpet at environmental fundraisers, to lending his name to anti-fracking causes such as Yoko Ono’s “Artists Against Fracking”, McCartney doesn’t shy away from taking a stand against fossil fuels. And […]

  68. Jodi Gerdes-Fiore says:

    I live in NEPA, we are happy and healthy, please stop interfering with our lives !!! We support the industry and all the good things it has done for us and our communities !

  69. WestHoustonGeo says:

    An impressive list of Hollywood Ignorami!

  70. pghsheep says:

    Pennsylvania is not Texas. Shallow wells have leaked and many are not mapped. Some wells can be from the 1700’s. Drilling is not new.