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Two New York Top Chefs Ask: Fracking or Food?

It’s no secret that New York City prides itself on its incredible restaurants and ability to rely on organic, locally grown food. And thanks to Upstate New York’s watersheds that supply New York City with clean, fresh water each day, the city is home to some of the best bagels, pizza and coffee known to […]

Gov. Cuomo puts New Yorkers’ health above politics

As recommended by the New York State Department of Health, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision on whether or not to ban fracking for gas in New York has been further delayed. We are pleased the Governor’s administration recognizes the need for in-depth analysis of the risks that fracking poses to our health. We are confident that […]

In New TV Ad, Yoko Ono Speaks to Gov. Cuomo About Fracking

The deadline for New York Gov. Cuomo’s decision on fracking is quickly approaching. The Governor wouldn’t meet with us about fracking, so we’re putting our message on TV in the hope we can reach him that way. Starting Feb. 8, a 30-second TV ad will air in New York City, Westchester and Albany, featuring Artists […]